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new Acceptance criteria of defects in undersea pipeline using internal inspection

new An SH-wave EMAT technique for gas pipeline inspection

new Analysis of service stress corrosion cracking in a natural gas transmission pipeline, active or dormant?

new Numerical simulation on magnetic flux leakage evaluation at high speed

Autonomous system for oil pipelines inspection

Development of an ultrasonic inspection robot using an electromagnetic acoustic transducer for a Lamb wave and an SH-plate wave

Application of neuro-fuzzy techniques in oil pipeline ultrasonic nondestructive testing

New magnetic techniques for inspection and metal-loss assessment of oil pipelines

Assessment technologies for sewer system rehabilitation

Assessing mechanical damage in offshore pipelines – Two case studies

In-pipe inspection robot with active pipe-diameter adaptability and automatic tractive force adjusting

Application of eddy currents induced by permanent magnets for pipeline inspection

Advanced signal processing of magnetic flux leakage data obtained from seamless gas pipeline

An off-line navigation of a geometry PIG using a modified nonlinear fixed-interval smoothing filter



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